Sandra Markle

Sandra Markle

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sandra Markle Can Visit Your School


If you're on this site, you're checking out what I can share with your school or group.

I'm currently offering two special programs:


Go behind the scenes with Sandra Markle and hear her tell the real stories that became award-winning books.

  • For example, discover how science and courage combined to save miners trapped underground.
  • Learn how a dog and man teamed up to survive the collapsing World Trade Center.
  • How a pod of dolphins became lifeguards.
  • How scientists solved a real-life mystery that is wiping out frogs around the world.

Plus lots more!


Nonfiction makes good stories real adventures.

This workshop is great for aspiring authors and for teachers who want to be inspired and challenged to make nonfiction books come to life for young readers. You'll understand the nonfiction genres as never before and gain valuable insights into the structure of a successful nonfiction picture book.  There will be activities to get your creative juices flowing and tips on how to get published writing nonfiction for children. There will also be time to ask Sandra Markle questions.

Or you may want to invite Sandra Markle to present a hands-on, mini-workshop for your teachers.
Sandra Markle Serves Up Common Core With ICE(Inspiration, Creativity, and Enrichment)
This class is having fun with WHAT IF YOU HAD ANIMAL TEETH!?

This is your local area's chance to join noted nonfiction children's book author Sandra Markle for an action-packed mini-workshop. Discover activities for using Sandra Markle’s books to make CCSS meaningful, memorable and fun for young readers. Enjoy working with Sandra trying out some activities. Plus take away a handout packed with even more action that's ready to be used with your students. 

Sandra Markle also does Skype Visits.

This may be just what you need to have Sandra Markle drop in to visit your school. She shares science magic, behind the scenes stories about writing her books, and takes questions from students.

Cost and scheduling is available by emailing Sandra Markle

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