Sandra Markle

Sandra Markle

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I can visit your school and share the MAGIC of reading my books--
plus some real magic!

I was Ms. Whiz on television and I promise to WOW kids with science that's positively magical! 

I'll also share step-by-step how to for some activities children can safely and easily repeat in the classroom or at home. 

And I'll share with young readers the real adventures that have become my books.

*Camping out in Antarctica with 160,000+ Adelie penguins while they raised their chicks.

*Holding a weta--the world biggest insect.

*Helping examine a rare giant squid.

*Getting up close with a baby elephant.

*Visiting a bat nursery and a penguin hospital.

*Trying out the Manned Maneuvering Unit--how astronauts fly solo in space.

And lots more adventures shared from interviews with scientists in amazing remote sites, such as while tracking army ants in the Amazon and Amur leopards in Siberia.

And we'll have fun imagining...WHAT IF YOU HAD?!

Or maybe teeth?!

In-Person or via Skype--Sandra Markle's books and visits bring REAL ADVENTURE to children.